US Lime Recycling are experts in Lime disposal

Disposing lime, soil stabilizing with lime, Lime recycling, Discarding lime, Commercial lime disposal, Calcium hydroxide slurry, Calcium hydrate, Acetylene generator slurry recycling, Calcium carbide disposal. Lime disposal; environmental permitting prior to excavation; excavation and recycling; dirt importation and lime recycling are further areas of US Lime Recycling's expertise.

US Lime Recycling

offers a complete service package, including:
  • Environmental permitting prior to excavation
  • Excavation and recycling
  • Dirt importation

Stephen Wistar is the Founder, and President of US Lime Recycling Inc. He began recycling raw materials in 1980 and is now a leading U.S. carbide lime recycling consultant. He has 23 years experience recovering, and marketing industrial raw material by-products. He's worked with several multi-national industrial companies helping them to manage their environmental responsibilities.